My name is Stephen Burnette.  I am, at times, desperately desiring the Lord, and Him alone.  Obviously the world is here, and every day, opportunities are presented where it is not Him and I alone, so… it is what it is.

My sister used to be an intern with Rick Bonfim Ministries, and we both were curious if, or rather, when I would do one.  May 19th, 4 months ago, I started.  I started about a year to the day after I graduated from Asbury Theological Seminary.  After that four and a half year season of studying and traveling, God allowed me a few seasons to rest up, heal, minister, and spend time with my family before starting here.  Working here is allowing me to experience what the life of an evangelist is about, and I love it!

I’ve got 3 sisters and a brother, two loving parents, and a life full of great success, great pain, and great glory due to the grace given in exposing the character, love and faithfulness of our Lord, Yahweh.  I hope you’re impacted by the diary of an evangelist, and that you can pass these simple truths, experiences, and lessons i’ve learned, onto your loved ones.

May the Lord find you with mercy, love you with faithfulness, and shape you with His grace.

– A brother and servant, in and of Jesus,

Stephen Burnette