Day Two – The First full day in Virginia – Thursday, September 7th 2017 (4 months later!!!)

Day Two – The First full day in Virginia – Thursday, September 7th 2017

Mission for Day Two: Set up the Cross and Tent

I’ve been reading through the book the Song of Songs.  I was up just before seven, and decided to read the rest of it so I can get on with Isaiah, knowing that I would also be spending more time in SOS later.  After I finish the Old Testament this time, I will have finished the entire Bible seven times.  During my time at the University of West Georgia, I read the NIV Student Life Bible in 13 months, the NKJV (It’s All About Jesus Bible) in 15 months, the KJV out loud in two years.  Then I read the NASB in a few years, the Chronological NKJV in another few years, maybe four, the Charles Stanley NKVJ in one year.  During my last semester at Asbury, in Wilmore, I went through the Modern English Bible New Testament in a week, and took a break until my 12th spiritual birthday, last September 15th, when I started the NKJV once again from the beginning.  A year later I am in Isaiah.  I would like to read the Amplified, the One New Man Bible, and the ESV as well.  Jason challenged me to rewrite the Bible myself.  I told him I’ve taken notes and written most of the scriptures in the Bible during some of my times through it, but I still may do something of the sort, like Jimmy Swaggart or Joyce Myers, while I’m in Brazil.

Since Jason’s mother was very hospitable and told me that I could act like I was at home there, I cooked two eggs with cheese, sautéed some spinach, and had a half a bowl of Basic 4.  Why not have a lot before a long day of work.  We got to church and started taking the wood out of the U-Haul, five minutes before 9:23 am.  9:23 am and pm are times I often recognize.  Luke 9:23 “If any man will come after me, he must take up his cross daily, and follow me.”  Was one of the first three scriptures God brought into my spirit.  Ezekiel 36:26-27 was the first, and Galatians 2:20 was the other.  I have a ring with that one I wear occasionally to remind me that it is no longer I who lives, but Christ lives in me.  Lord, live through us more.  Do you allow Christ to live through you daily?  It requires submitting to one another, serving one another, and taking the time to worship, praise, and love Him.

How do we set up the cross?  Well, we take out twenty-three beams of wood, sixteen large steel connectors, over sixty nuts, bolts and washers each, and we systematically set it all up.  Jason used the alphabet, Roman numerals, and numbers to help match up what we do.  Then, we unfold the top of the tent and use ratchet straps to keep it tight.  We use a large pole to keep the middle up so we can put the cross in, and eventually we place the eight, tarp like side panels all around.  Besides all that, we also bring off the truck, into the tent, the two large halves to make the six foot octagonal base, and two more halves, to make the three foot base on the top of the larger base.  The twelve-foot cross itself which probably weighs over two hundred pounds is also placed in the middle, which only Jason knows about.

By two pm, we went to the house, then to Colonial Place to the Cheese Shop to get some lunch.  We walked to the capitol, and back to William and Mary Campus, the second built campus, and the first established charter school in the United States, by King William.

When we got back to the church, the pastor was there at New Town UMC, who just finished a meeting with two of the Wesleyan leaders from W&M.  Jason’s mother was there as well, and we slowly cleaned up and placed the tools and what we haven’t setup yet in the church, in the corner of the youth room.

Since Jason lives pretty close to the church, and I kept asking him if we could jog today, he agreed to jog home.  We started a slow jog for a minute, then walked for about half a minute, jogged a little faster for two or three minutes, then walked for a minute and crossed a street, jogged further, longer and faster for maybe five minutes, then walked, and then jogged until we ran into a few people that Jason knew.  After that, we finished jogging seven minutes straight and got through the woods to his neighborhood.  We even did some running (faster than jogging, slower than sprinting) before we got home!  I was impressed with his speed, and like most people, there is untapped strength and speed in everyone who is willing to get in shape again and be strong.  I am glad Jason, still today, is getting stronger and faster.  In the life of an evangelist, as well as others lives, there is still the challenge to eat healthy, exercise well, and obviously, stay in the Word of God.

After dinner, at home, there was enough time for me to study um, dos, tres, all the way to cem (1,2,3 to 100) in Portuguese.  I got to spend some time with Jason’s family at the house before going to bed.  We talked about the ministry, some of the people there, and how I was next to Brazil for the common three-month internship to help run the mission.

Mission for Day Two: Set up the Cross and Tent – Mission Accomplished.



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