The 30 day interlude

Yes, The Extended Interlude is here… (its been 15 days since I posted the last blog, and will likely be another 15 days before I started sending the rest out in a consistent manner.)

It is two pm on Saturday, October 7th.  I am in Maryland, about forty minutes south and a little east of Washington DC, resting from “Awaken the Dawn.”

Obviously, I left you hanging with the last blog, “Day 1 of the Williamsburg, VA meetings” for the first “Rekindle the Flame” in Williamsburg. I have up to day seven out of the eleven day journey, written for those meetings.

I also have about five of the nine days of this trip to Washington DC, for this Awaken the Dawn trip, to fill in when I get some time later.

Briefly, Awaken the Dawn is a gathering of people from all 50 states, to the mall area (from 3rd to 14th street between the Washington Monument and the Capitol of the United States of America) in D.C., to magnify the Lord through Bible Reading, Intercession, Worship, and tent Hosting.  This has been going on continuously now since yesterday evening around 9:30 or so, and will last until Monday morning, just around sixty hours straight.

Each tent was people signed up for two hour slots for one of the four privileges mentioned above.  I signed up for a three am Bible reading time Sunday, and a five am worship time right after that!  Jason read the Bible this morning and I led worship from seven to nine, and last night, which was Friday, I was honored to start the worship off, for the state of Georgia!

Each state has decorated their tents different and it is quite amazing and unique.  There are also five regional bands where worship and messages will be given for a greater gathering of people from those states.

So yes… these days in D.C. is what I will be sending out, after I send out the Williamsburg revival diary entries, and all of that will probably start in another week or so, after I get back from the Ellaville Revival in South Georgia next weekend!

Two weeks after that, October 30th, I fly to Brazil, which is where I will probably make time to finish all of those, so I can send two or three per week so you can keep an idea of what is actually happening at each of the revivals!

Who knows, maybe they will be in book form later in 2018 🙂

I think they will be a good easy read for any age group, and may be something to expose to children, for them to get an idea of what traveling for and with Jesus can be like.  After all, if someone hasn’t seen or experienced something, they cannot know about it.  These diary entries can help people see into the life of an evangelist, and get an idea of the spiritual realities of the Kingdom of Heaven.

I am going to try to make each entree about 750-1000 words… which is about two pages double spaced.

Sorry for the delay, and may the Lord bless you, keep you, and make His face to be seen, shining, upon you….

“Shining” as in a look that communicates…
OOHHHHHHHHHH I AM SOOOOOooo delighted to look at you, my wonderful creation, that is just like I AM.

Pray for our nation.
Check it out!

This is our declaration, the nation belongs to Jesus…
This is our declaration, the nation belongs to Jesus…
This is our declaration, the nation belongs to Jesus…



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