The Introduction to…

The Diary of an Evangelist
By Stephen Burnette

I am in Taylor’s car.  We are driving through Madison Georgia.  It is about 5:30 am, dark and foggy, and no one is at this light except one truck at the downtown square, and one car that passed by.  It is Saturday morning, September 16th, and I am beginning The Diary of an Evangelist, prompted by Rick Bonfim, my current boss.  I thank God that he knows his boss is Jesus Christ, and does, to the best of his ability, follow and lead us according to the Holy Spirit, and with the love of the Father.  It may be more of the correctional tough love than the tender gentle love, but this way, we at Rick Bonfim Ministries are carefully molded to become solid men and women of God.  After all, God disciplines His children as well.

Taylor and I are on our way to Madison Florida, another 3 hours and 39 minutes away.  Arrival time without stops is at 9:15.  I told the awesome man of God who is donating a used Lexus to our ministry, that we would arrive between 10:15-10:45 am, and would call him around 8:30 am or so to give an updated ETA.  Obviously the 9:15 arrival time on the phone does not account for gas, rest, stretch, or food stops.  Sadly, many don’t think of this and are late!  Why is the ministry getting a free Lexus?  Well, it is simply one of the things that happens in an evangelists life.  During Rekindle the Flame, our annual conference, God also provided the ministry with a different car for another young man of God who is currently at Asbury Theological Seminary.  I graduated from there last summer.

There is a lot to tell in this Diary of an Evangelist, and I will begin with the meetings in Williamsburg Virginia which Jason and I returned from two days ago, Thursday around midnight.  Why start in the car at 5:41 in the morning?  Why not?  My friend is driving about 45 miles per hour, cautiously expecting to see a deer.  Once, while he was riding with his dad, his dad hit a deer that jumped over the barrier in the middle of a 4 lane highway, and that is some of the reason for driving ten miles per hour slower than the speed limit!  While we listen to orchestra music, let me begin to tell you about the Williamsburg Meetings at New Town United Methodist Church, one day at a time.


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