Day Two – The First full day in Virginia – Thursday, September 7th 2017 (4 months later!!!)

Day Two – The First full day in Virginia – Thursday, September 7th 2017

Mission for Day Two: Set up the Cross and Tent

I’ve been reading through the book the Song of Songs.  I was up just before seven, and decided to read the rest of it so I can get on with Isaiah, knowing that I would also be spending more time in SOS later.  After I finish the Old Testament this time, I will have finished the entire Bible seven times.  During my time at the University of West Georgia, I read the NIV Student Life Bible in 13 months, the NKJV (It’s All About Jesus Bible) in 15 months, the KJV out loud in two years.  Then I read the NASB in a few years, the Chronological NKJV in another few years, maybe four, the Charles Stanley NKVJ in one year.  During my last semester at Asbury, in Wilmore, I went through the Modern English Bible New Testament in a week, and took a break until my 12th spiritual birthday, last September 15th, when I started the NKJV once again from the beginning.  A year later I am in Isaiah.  I would like to read the Amplified, the One New Man Bible, and the ESV as well.  Jason challenged me to rewrite the Bible myself.  I told him I’ve taken notes and written most of the scriptures in the Bible during some of my times through it, but I still may do something of the sort, like Jimmy Swaggart or Joyce Myers, while I’m in Brazil.

Since Jason’s mother was very hospitable and told me that I could act like I was at home there, I cooked two eggs with cheese, sautéed some spinach, and had a half a bowl of Basic 4.  Why not have a lot before a long day of work.  We got to church and started taking the wood out of the U-Haul, five minutes before 9:23 am.  9:23 am and pm are times I often recognize.  Luke 9:23 “If any man will come after me, he must take up his cross daily, and follow me.”  Was one of the first three scriptures God brought into my spirit.  Ezekiel 36:26-27 was the first, and Galatians 2:20 was the other.  I have a ring with that one I wear occasionally to remind me that it is no longer I who lives, but Christ lives in me.  Lord, live through us more.  Do you allow Christ to live through you daily?  It requires submitting to one another, serving one another, and taking the time to worship, praise, and love Him.

How do we set up the cross?  Well, we take out twenty-three beams of wood, sixteen large steel connectors, over sixty nuts, bolts and washers each, and we systematically set it all up.  Jason used the alphabet, Roman numerals, and numbers to help match up what we do.  Then, we unfold the top of the tent and use ratchet straps to keep it tight.  We use a large pole to keep the middle up so we can put the cross in, and eventually we place the eight, tarp like side panels all around.  Besides all that, we also bring off the truck, into the tent, the two large halves to make the six foot octagonal base, and two more halves, to make the three foot base on the top of the larger base.  The twelve-foot cross itself which probably weighs over two hundred pounds is also placed in the middle, which only Jason knows about.

By two pm, we went to the house, then to Colonial Place to the Cheese Shop to get some lunch.  We walked to the capitol, and back to William and Mary Campus, the second built campus, and the first established charter school in the United States, by King William.

When we got back to the church, the pastor was there at New Town UMC, who just finished a meeting with two of the Wesleyan leaders from W&M.  Jason’s mother was there as well, and we slowly cleaned up and placed the tools and what we haven’t setup yet in the church, in the corner of the youth room.

Since Jason lives pretty close to the church, and I kept asking him if we could jog today, he agreed to jog home.  We started a slow jog for a minute, then walked for about half a minute, jogged a little faster for two or three minutes, then walked for a minute and crossed a street, jogged further, longer and faster for maybe five minutes, then walked, and then jogged until we ran into a few people that Jason knew.  After that, we finished jogging seven minutes straight and got through the woods to his neighborhood.  We even did some running (faster than jogging, slower than sprinting) before we got home!  I was impressed with his speed, and like most people, there is untapped strength and speed in everyone who is willing to get in shape again and be strong.  I am glad Jason, still today, is getting stronger and faster.  In the life of an evangelist, as well as others lives, there is still the challenge to eat healthy, exercise well, and obviously, stay in the Word of God.

After dinner, at home, there was enough time for me to study um, dos, tres, all the way to cem (1,2,3 to 100) in Portuguese.  I got to spend some time with Jason’s family at the house before going to bed.  We talked about the ministry, some of the people there, and how I was next to Brazil for the common three-month internship to help run the mission.

Mission for Day Two: Set up the Cross and Tent – Mission Accomplished.



The 30 day interlude

Yes, The Extended Interlude is here… (its been 15 days since I posted the last blog, and will likely be another 15 days before I started sending the rest out in a consistent manner.)

It is two pm on Saturday, October 7th.  I am in Maryland, about forty minutes south and a little east of Washington DC, resting from “Awaken the Dawn.”

Obviously, I left you hanging with the last blog, “Day 1 of the Williamsburg, VA meetings” for the first “Rekindle the Flame” in Williamsburg. I have up to day seven out of the eleven day journey, written for those meetings.

I also have about five of the nine days of this trip to Washington DC, for this Awaken the Dawn trip, to fill in when I get some time later.

Briefly, Awaken the Dawn is a gathering of people from all 50 states, to the mall area (from 3rd to 14th street between the Washington Monument and the Capitol of the United States of America) in D.C., to magnify the Lord through Bible Reading, Intercession, Worship, and tent Hosting.  This has been going on continuously now since yesterday evening around 9:30 or so, and will last until Monday morning, just around sixty hours straight.

Each tent was people signed up for two hour slots for one of the four privileges mentioned above.  I signed up for a three am Bible reading time Sunday, and a five am worship time right after that!  Jason read the Bible this morning and I led worship from seven to nine, and last night, which was Friday, I was honored to start the worship off, for the state of Georgia!

Each state has decorated their tents different and it is quite amazing and unique.  There are also five regional bands where worship and messages will be given for a greater gathering of people from those states.

So yes… these days in D.C. is what I will be sending out, after I send out the Williamsburg revival diary entries, and all of that will probably start in another week or so, after I get back from the Ellaville Revival in South Georgia next weekend!

Two weeks after that, October 30th, I fly to Brazil, which is where I will probably make time to finish all of those, so I can send two or three per week so you can keep an idea of what is actually happening at each of the revivals!

Who knows, maybe they will be in book form later in 2018 🙂

I think they will be a good easy read for any age group, and may be something to expose to children, for them to get an idea of what traveling for and with Jesus can be like.  After all, if someone hasn’t seen or experienced something, they cannot know about it.  These diary entries can help people see into the life of an evangelist, and get an idea of the spiritual realities of the Kingdom of Heaven.

I am going to try to make each entree about 750-1000 words… which is about two pages double spaced.

Sorry for the delay, and may the Lord bless you, keep you, and make His face to be seen, shining, upon you….

“Shining” as in a look that communicates…
OOHHHHHHHHHH I AM SOOOOOooo delighted to look at you, my wonderful creation, that is just like I AM.

Pray for our nation.
Check it out!

This is our declaration, the nation belongs to Jesus…
This is our declaration, the nation belongs to Jesus…
This is our declaration, the nation belongs to Jesus…


Day One of the Williamsburg Trip

Day One – Wednesday September 6th – The journey begins…

Mission for Day 1 – Arrive safe in Williamsburg, Virginia with the cross and the tent…
5:55 am came around and I was at Jason’s house, the man with the cross; the 12 foot cross with an octagonal tent that surrounds it.  We were to leave at 6:00 am, but the Lord was providing him with some deep sleep.  His wife woke him and we left at 6:15 am.  We were heading to a church called Newtown UMC, where he previously attended before moving to Athens, Georgia to work with Rick Bonfim.  I often refer to Rick as a Brazilian Methodist Evangelist.  This trip, from Jason’s driveway to the parking lot of the church took ten solid hours.  Williamsburg is one of seven major cities near the beginning of the Chesapeake Bay, and there is a lot of history there.  One piece of history is that Jamestown is where prayers were made for the new people coming to America to be a royal priesthood, a peculiar nation, a people set apart to proclaim the gospel throughout this nation and the nations of the world.  God we have strayed.  More history is worth learning later, on your own.

Although Jason has traveled five or six times with the cross and tent, I have only been with him to Livingston, Tennessee by ourselves.  That trip was very short.  This trip, Rick and Betty will be part of a four day revival from Sunday to Wednesday.

While driving up we conversed about humans, versus persons; humans as a species like animals or reptiles, versus a human which has been born from above, filled with God’s Holy Spirit and made into a person who is continuously being glorified and transformed into the representation of Jesus Christ, the Son of God.  We talked about whether spirits can enter nature.  We know that Jesus proclaimed that the rocks would cry out if we didn’t praise Him, the pigs were the recipients of a demonic exorcist, the trees clap their hands, and the clouds are the dust of God’s feet.  This is what brought up some talk of humanism versus personhood.

Since I trust Jason, and I am six and a half years younger than he, and because he is a gentle, very strong, meek man of God, I have been confiding in him at times about the relationships I have with others in life.  Jason and I agree that people… persons… (those born anew with the Spirit of God) should be very hesitant to enter into a relationship with an idea that they feel the need to be the one who fixes, heals, or changes things.  What shall that person do when the issue is fixed?  Their identity as “the fixer” goes away and perhaps they become bored with the status quo life, or want to help another person.  Rather, we are to see God in the other and their potential.  We are to discern the spiritual life they live, their ability to communicate and “hash things out.”  Most importantly, (verily, verily) wait to see if the true callings align.  Will the callings line up five years down the road?  Or will one or the other pretend their calling is similar to the others to be with them.  Time will tell, and that is why patience is necessary.  If patience is not included, flesh, lust and infatuation may get in the way and we, like Adam, may follow Eve to do something we ought not do, and therefore thwart the calling God originally intended.  We then would have to settle for less than perfect.  God knows my heart and will bless me with a crown later in life.

After Waffle House for breakfast, gas stops, and many more talks, we arrived at the church while it was drizzling, and therefore we went to Jason’s place.  We ate dinner, went back to the church, and then went to the prayer room downtown that Jason used to manage.  As we waited upon the Lord, we discovered a leak and mold, and we walked around and admired the work done by the numerous people involved.  After a time, we were led to pray and afterwards, I read the prayer for the nation in the back room.  We went home after 10:00 pm and (after looking at some Portuguese,) I went to sleep by 11:00 pm or so.
Mission for Day 1: Accomplished. 


The Introduction to…

The Diary of an Evangelist
By Stephen Burnette

I am in Taylor’s car.  We are driving through Madison Georgia.  It is about 5:30 am, dark and foggy, and no one is at this light except one truck at the downtown square, and one car that passed by.  It is Saturday morning, September 16th, and I am beginning The Diary of an Evangelist, prompted by Rick Bonfim, my current boss.  I thank God that he knows his boss is Jesus Christ, and does, to the best of his ability, follow and lead us according to the Holy Spirit, and with the love of the Father.  It may be more of the correctional tough love than the tender gentle love, but this way, we at Rick Bonfim Ministries are carefully molded to become solid men and women of God.  After all, God disciplines His children as well.

Taylor and I are on our way to Madison Florida, another 3 hours and 39 minutes away.  Arrival time without stops is at 9:15.  I told the awesome man of God who is donating a used Lexus to our ministry, that we would arrive between 10:15-10:45 am, and would call him around 8:30 am or so to give an updated ETA.  Obviously the 9:15 arrival time on the phone does not account for gas, rest, stretch, or food stops.  Sadly, many don’t think of this and are late!  Why is the ministry getting a free Lexus?  Well, it is simply one of the things that happens in an evangelists life.  During Rekindle the Flame, our annual conference, God also provided the ministry with a different car for another young man of God who is currently at Asbury Theological Seminary.  I graduated from there last summer.

There is a lot to tell in this Diary of an Evangelist, and I will begin with the meetings in Williamsburg Virginia which Jason and I returned from two days ago, Thursday around midnight.  Why start in the car at 5:41 in the morning?  Why not?  My friend is driving about 45 miles per hour, cautiously expecting to see a deer.  Once, while he was riding with his dad, his dad hit a deer that jumped over the barrier in the middle of a 4 lane highway, and that is some of the reason for driving ten miles per hour slower than the speed limit!  While we listen to orchestra music, let me begin to tell you about the Williamsburg Meetings at New Town United Methodist Church, one day at a time.